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€ 60.000+
Machine Learning Engineer (f/m/d)

Bring the latest AI advancements into healthcare to enable previously unseen therapeutic and diagnostic possibilities. Work on cutting-edge machine learning research in the areas of speech analysis, natural language processing or computer vision. Implement various state-of-the-art methods on multiple GPUs to facilitate fast and efficient training. Optimise machine learning pipelines for use in real-world scenarios.

Brief description

We are looking for Machine Learning Engineers who have solid hands-on experience in relevant research areas (speech and NLP). We are working on some problems that are *NOT* solved yet, so you should have a good understanding of state-of-the-art deep learning networks and their implementation/optimisation.


Depending on your profile, you will work on the following topics:

  • Developing versatile, robust and time-aligned Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) systems, focusing on processing both disordered and non-disordered speech/language.
  • Designing innovative speech encoding model architectures aimed at extracting and separating semantic and acoustic elements from speech.
  • Leveraging state-of-the-art models such as multimodal LLMs to help extend our innovative neurological rehabilitation platform and tailor it to our patients needs.
  • Anomaly detection for natural language
  • Implementing optimised Model Serving Solutions in the Cloud



  • Passion for machine learning
  • Master’s degree in Mathematics/Statistics, Computer Science, Data Science, Machine Learning or equivalent.
  • Very good Python programming skills
  • Practical experience with PyTorch or TensorFlow
  • Experience or interest in creating optimized and secure serving infrastructures for ML Model Deployments in the Cloud.
  • Experience or interest in performance optimisation for machine learning solutions (pruning, distillation, Tensor-RT, etc.)
  • Hands-on experience with multi-GPU/TPU training for complex network architectures in the cloud.
  • Proficient in handling large datasets (terabytes scale) efficiently

What we offer

  • Competitive salary - minimum salary €60,000 p.a., but clear willingness to overpay according to concrete qualification
  • An exciting workplace in our new office at Vienna’s Naschmarkt (5th district).
  • A super motivated team with whom you will develop never seen before solutions on the whiteboard
  • Exciting application areas of Machine Learning in practice
  • €2,500 budget that you can spend freely on your setup (laptop, display, etc.)
  • Magical atmosphere in a fast paced environment with like minded people
  • Some of the best Mario Kart drivers in the Austrian startup scene ;)

The process

  • Getting to know each other (~30mins discussing past projects and interests)
  • Technical interview (~45-60mins of coding)
  • Meet the team (~1h of discussing solutions with people from different teams)
  • Final decision

We are seeking individuals who are energized by the prospect of using their skills to help others and who are committed to our mission. If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you, please send us your CV and a short introduction via email to